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    Ash Wednesday: Repentance is Necessary. Ashes are Optional.

    Repentance is Necessary.  Ashes are Optional.Guest Post by Jason Bobo of Christ Presbyterian, Tulsa, OK.I hope these are some helpful thoughts and clarifications for our Ash Wednesday service  as we  approach  the  beginning  of  Lent.    Confession,  repentance,  and believing in the Gospel are not one time events in the life of a faithful Christian, but  our  defining characteristics.   Read More

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    Walking Out of Darkness

    This past Sunday I preached on a relationship destroyer, pornography. You can listen to the sermon here. In the past few days I’ve heard of many confessions and conversations that have happened since then.   Read More

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    Life on Repeat

    Chaos is roaring in my ear. Busyness is the weeds that have taken over my yard. Life is a plane, flying by.   Read More

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