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    Understanding the Pain

    I drove home a few days ago after a two hour conversation with a black friend of mine, struck speechless with the reality she faces on a daily basis. I realized the ignorance in my previous thinking that what I’ve been seeing on TV over the past few weeks wasn’t a true portrayal of a real black life, but rather a dramatized version that CNN has been pimping for profit. I was wrong.   Read More

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    Don’t Be Religious

    If I’m being honest, I look down on people who don’t do things the way I do things, and who believe differently than I believe. As much as I want to believe that I love other people well, and as much as I want to believe that I’m a broken sinner, I’m often faced with the reality that I’m really not as good as I think I am. The problem is that deep down, I’m religious.But I’m not the only one.   Read More

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    Cuba Is A Lot Of Things

    Cuba is a lot of things. Cuba is a Caribbean island. Cuba is a producer of some of the world’s most prized cigars. Cuba is a protest country; a Communist regime floating 90 miles from it’s Capitalist neighbor to the North with a firm, if not self-destructive, resolve to shake it’s clenched fist. Cuba is a reminder that the Cold War has not completely thawed. But mostly, Cuba is a mystery.  Read More

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