Ethos Groups


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What: Ethos groups are fifteen people that gather across Tulsa to grow in faith and friendship.

Why: We are meant for more. God finds us where we are and loves us as we are, but by His grace He does not leave us where we are. Ethos Groups are one of the best ways to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ and find friends.

Who: Ethos groups are for everyone, whether you’ve been at Ethos for a week or a year.

When: Summer Ethos Groups meet once a week beginning the first week of June through the end of August.

How: Groups are limited to 15 people per group and are offered on a first-come, first served basis. People chose groups based on location, content, or familiarity. Sign up by clicking the link at the top of the page! 

Group Catalogue

Midtown - EG 101 Aaron and Rachel Diacon - Jesus through Middle Eastern Eyes | Wednesday at 7:00pm

Context is king. Buzz...Woody the Sheriff's plastic counterpart? A 90s haircut? The sound a flying bee makes? The older brother in Home Alone? Without context you'll never know… Come study the Jesus’ parables in the context of first century Jewish culture. No need to buy the book and read before each week (unless you just want to).

South Tulsa - EG 102 Justin and Shelli Jones - Ethos at the Movies | Thursday at 7:00pm

One week we will all watch a movie together and the next week we will talk about the “gospel implications” presented in it! Come spend your Thursday nights with us, as we explore the Gospel in film! 

Cherry Street - EG 103 Tyler and Monica Winn - Joy at the End of the Tether | Wednesday at 7:00pm

The book of Ecclesiastes is often misunderstood (and highly underrated), but it holds the secret of true joy in a world that alternates from despair and hopelessness, to hedonism and materialism. Join us as we seek to understand and apply the wisdom of Ecclesiastes to everyday life.

Mid Tulsa - EG 104 David and Jessie Osborn - Sermon Discussion / Potlucks | Tuesday at 6:30pm

Every week we will hang out together, pray together, and take a deeper look at the passage preached from the previous Sunday. 

Mid Tulsa - EG 105 Joshua and Katie Burdette - Potlucks, Prayer, and the Psalms | Thursday at 6:00pm

Join us in the backyard this summer for some good old-fashioned cookouts and potlucks. We will hang out, play games, unwind, and spend some time in prayer together. Families with children are welcome.

SoBo District - EG 106 Haley Sheddy and Liz Barnes - 30 Days to Understanding the Bible (Women only) | Tuesday at 7:00pm

The hope of this study is to weaken intimidation and to deepen understanding of the Bible for all. This book teaches themes and patterns that tie the whole bible together and explains how it flows as one book. We'll do it in 90 days instead of 30!

Midtown - EG 107 Lead by Jacob Thomas, Hosted by Amy and Daniel Duncan - Ruth and Jonah | Thursday at 7:00pm

Come join us as we study (and are taught by Jacob) the books of Ruth and Jonah and trace themes presented in these books throughout the rest of the Scriptures. 

Brookside - EG 108 Daniel Rusco - Story Group | Wednesday at 7:00pm

Each of us has a story full of heartache, hope, sorrow and joy. We often dismiss our stories by minimizing the effects of evil or spiritualizing our gifts. This group is for courageous people willing to step into the tension of ongoing redemption and share the story God is telling through their lives.

Mid Tulsa - EG 109 Blake Brorman and Karsten Majors - Inductive study of James (Men only) | Wednesday at 7:00pm

Join us as we aim to put our Christian knowledge into practice. The book of James teaches us what a pursuit of Jesus Christ looks like: a life of faith and works. "Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up." James 4:10. 

Midtown - EG 110 Zach and Hillary Wertenberger - Sermon Discussion / Potlucks | Thursday at 6:30pm

Come join our laid back group as we will go back and forth between group potlucks and group sermon discussion. What a perfect pace for the summer! 

Cherry Street - EG 111 Anderson Brett and Emily Dudney - Philippians | Thursday at 7:00pm

Joy, humility and contentment are some of the greatest mysteries of the Christian life. Join us as we go through Paul's letter, which exudes peace despite his difficult circumstances.

Jenks - EG 112 Tyler and Sheena Carson - Best. Group. Ever. | Tuesday at 6:30pm

Our group will do a devotion some weeks, we will play tee-ball at the park some weeks, and hang out at our house the rest of the time. **adults only / no children**