At Ethos we think service is important. Not only does it benefit others, it is a great way to stretch ourselves and foster sanctification. 

We serve in three ways: corporately through Sunday service teams, in small groups through our Ethos Groups, and individually through mentorships with students at Wright Elementary (our host school). 

At Ethos there are several ways you can serve.

Greeting Team 

You greet everyone who walks through the front door and hand them a bulletin and pen! Arrive at 9:55a for group prayer and stay in the lobby until 10:45a. Being extroverted is not required; the only prerequisite is the ability to smile.

Connection Team 

This team arrives at 9:55a for group prayer, then stays in the auditorium engaging guests in brief conversations before the service. After the service the team members serve in the lobby connecting with the visitors and handing them a gift bag. Not for the shy person; if you love communicating, this is for you.

Creative Team 

In several ways, the Creative Team is responsible for guests' first experience of Ethos. The creative team is responsible for Photography, Graphics, Social Media, Signage, Video, and Ethos's overall Visual Presentation. But it doesn't end there! At Ethos we embrace The Arts & Design. Do you have a creative gift that you think could serve the church in some way? We would love to discuss that!

Ethos Kids (babies, New walkers, Toddlers, or Children's Church) 

You choose the age group you prefer, arrive at 10:15a and in every room you will work with a trained professional. This is the most fun way to serve and you are more qualified for Ethos Kids than you might think; the children will be thrilled to meet you! Men and women both are needed and will be welcomed! (Background checks and online safety training provided.)

Setup & Teardown Team 

Arrive at 9:00a on Sundays. Set up signs and tables, move small pieces of furniture and work the parking lots. After the service about 30 min. more to tear it all down. Good for people who grew up in traveling circuses.


Responsible for passing the offering baskets as well as serving communion.  During Sunday service, male or female. Another good position for someone who wants to serve but doesn't feel the need to chat.

Follow up Team  

One of the most important ministries in the church, this team follows up all of our guests (men follow up men, and women follow up women) with a personalized email and a handwritten note. This is done on Monday or Tuesday, with a brief call on Friday to invite them to return on Sunday. This is good for someone who cares for the individual. Let them know Ethos might be a home for them. 

Hospitality Team 

Arriving at 9:30a, the members of this team set up snacks and drinks on Sunday morning and after the service spend about 30 minutes cleaning up. Also, when we have new babies, marriages, or deaths, this team sends flowers, gifts, and letters to the families involved. Good for a person who loves serving behind the scenes. 


The lighting team serves behind the scenes to provide an inviting and compelling worship experience. Team members operate the lighting transitions throughout the service, ensuring the entire service maintains an appropriate aesthetic. Serve from 9:55 through the end of the service.

Ethos Band 

Music is important to us at Ethos. Both the creative side and the technical side. If you would like to audition, please fill out the form linked above. 

Sound Team 

Do you have an ear for mixing and a mind for troubleshooting technical issues? If so, this is the team for you! We are looking for limelight leery lads and lasses  seeking to selflessly serve our confabulous congregation. 

Click here to volunteer! 


Kids Hope USA is one church (Ethos), partnering with one school (Wright Elementary), through mentoring relationships with at-risk children, one hour a week.   

You can get involved with Kids Hope USA at Ethos by becoming a mentor, prayer partner, or on the Event Committee (planning and attending events for students and families at Wright). 

Please contact Kendi Wolever if you are interested in this ministry opportunity!