- October 13th: WE ARE MOVING!!! 

We are INCREDIBLY EXCITED to announce that we are moving our Sunday morning place of worship out of Wright Elementary School and over to the German American Society of Tulsa’s (G.A.S.T.) Event Center! This is the location we held our Worship Night a few weeks ago and received a resounding YESSSS from our congregation to make the permanent switch. Therefore, this Sunday the 13th will be our last Sunday at Wright. Please help spread the word.

Here are the details:

WHO: Ethos Presbyterian Church

WHAT: We are moving our place of worship to a new location

WHEN: October 20th will be our first Sunday at GAST*

WHERE: GAST is located at 1429 Terrace Dr., Tulsa OK 74104 (just west of the intersection at 15th and Lewis)

HOW: That is where YOU come in...

* SUNDAY, THE 13th, IS MOVE DAY: Immediately after service this Sunday, October 13th we are asking, (begging really) for ALL OF OUR ETHOS FAMILY - MEMBERS & REGULAR ATTENDERS - to stick around for pizza and to help us do some things:

1. Move out of Wright Elementary school and load the moving truck.
2. Caravan over to GAST and unload all of it.