What We Believe & What Does Ethos Mean

Mission Statement

Ethos presbyterian church exists to reach the lost and to make disciples of Christ.

We believe that it is the mission of God (the church has always referred to this as the Missio Dei, a latin phrase meaning “mission of God”) to redeem this lost and broken world, and then one day, to restore it completely. We want to join God in His process of redemption. We believe that God has called His church to be the means by which He is doing this.


We believe it is important to be connected to the larger body of Christ. 

Ethos is a church of the Hills & Plains Presbytery, a part of the Presbyterian Church in America, and is a member of the Acts 29 church planting network. 

We were planted by RiverOaks Presbyterian Church in January of 2013.


We value being a church that makes the Gospel (the good news that Jesus has come to give hope, peace, and rest to the weary, sinful, hopeless world) the very core of all that we do.

Missional: We value taking God’s call for all of us to be ambassadors of Christ (2 Cor. 5:20) very seriously, and we therefore strive to see ourselves as missionaries in our neighborhoods, our workplaces, our city, and the world.

Discipleship: We value the task of discipleship, and we want to see our members helping others on their journey toward sanctification in some tangible way. We believe people are looking for a church that will come alongside them and help them understand what it means to BE Christian.

Evangelism: Salvation is ordained by God, and we strive to be a part of His process of redemption by seeing many people come to faith in Jesus Christ alone for their salvation.

Worship: We want our church to be a place where God is not only worshipped cognitively (with our minds), but affectively (with our hearts). We take seriously the command to worship the Lord in both Spirit and Truth (John 4:23). We also want to retain our unique identity as Presbyterians who value strong ties to the historical church.

Statement Of Faith

We affirm the central truths of historic Reformed and Biblical Christian faith, seeing ourselves in a long line of generations taking part in the endless conversation between God and people. We believe the Holy Scriptures to be the voices of many who have come before us, inspired by God to pass along their poems, stories, accounts, and letters of response and relationship with each other and the living God. To know where we’re going, we have to know where we’ve been.

: We trust that God wants to bring about a new humanity by redeeming every part of us. We embrace the salvation Jesus offers as the only hope for the healing of our relationships with God, each other, ourselves, and creation. We believe that all of life is spiritual, and that all of our fears, failures, and brokenness can be restored and made whole. We value the process of our journeys because we want to be fully integrated people—with all our mind, body, soul, emotions and experiences offered together to God.

We have great confidence that God will restore all of creation under the authority of Christ. We believe that every church has to ask the question: “How are we called to live out that future reality today?” We want to constantly explore, question, and wrestle with new and creative ways to live out and communicate the teachings of Jesus. Since we see ourselves as much called to new living as Abraham was when he was called out of the Babylonian city of Ur, change is expected and rebirth is welcomed.

We value the image of God in all people, everywhere. We believe that we were created to live deeply with one another; carrying each other’s burdens, sharing our resources, praying for and confessing our sins to each other, suffering and celebrating together. It’s in these honest, loving relationships that God transforms us, and truth of Christ’s promises becomes a reality. The way of Jesus cannot be lived alone.

We believe that Jesus is God in human form, and that the church is God’s ongoing presence in the world. Led by the Spirit of God, we are passionate about relieving suffering and fighting injustice by joining the God of the oppressed in living out the transforming message of the resurrected Jesus. Jesus calls his church to be a compelling force for good in the world, and we believe that the church is at its best when it serves, sacrifices, and loves, caring about the things God cares about. We were created to live for something larger than ourselves.

: We take great joy in partnering with God to change the world, embracing the truth that all of life is sacred, hope is real and that tomorrow can be better than today. We celebrate the divine in the daily, pursue lives of hope, reflect gratitude, and renew ourselves in worship. God invites everyone everywhere into this way of life, and we believe it is the best possible way to live.


The word “ethos” is defined as “the overarching spirit or attitude of a generation or culture, as manifested by its beliefs and aspirations.”  In other words, ethos is how a generation thinks about something. We want to help people who have an erroneous view of who God is to understand Him in a fresh, new way.


The logo, a lower-case e, is the first letter of our name (ethos), but it is also a theta, which is the universal symbol for God. The Greek word for God is theos. In Greek, it looks this way: θεος The first letter of the word for God is a theta.

When people see our logo, we want them to think about God.